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tj-maxx-duvet-cover tj maxx duvet cover

tj maxx duvet cover – Like many American men I must confess that the very first time that I heard someone refer to a Duvet or Duvet Cover, I had no clue what they may be referring to. Actually I think that it’s probably been less than a couple of years ago that I first heard of a Duvet and I’m in my thirties. For those of you that don’t understand, it’s linked to bedding. Coming out of a tradition where we’d sheets, blankets, quilts, covers and spreads that I really was somewhat surprised when I started reading about the idea of a duvet or duvet cover.

So, the word duvet comes to us from French. The word originally means down and so it refers to a down filled cover for a bed. This sort of mattress covering originated in continental Europe and observers from different areas found it quite an unusual practice. 1 author even commented that they sleep upon one mattress filled with down and protect themselves with a second down mattress. This was essentially the duvet and it had been used in place of separate sheets and blankets or quilts. So you may observe that the duvet has some advantages, if nothing else it gets the job of making a bed extremely simple and straightforward. There’s only one covering to be placed within the mattress.

Duvet Covers are only designed to be protective or decorative sheeting for your duvet. They are available in many sizes as the duvets do. They also may arrive in silk and other materials to suit different peoples tastes or cloth tastes. They even come in different colors and designs that will help people match the decor of their bedrooms or even to change their decor out with a fresh duvet cover without having to change out the duvet.

In many areas in Europe it’s even common for two, single dimension duvets to be placed on a queen or larger size mattress. The benefit to this is that for couples that they can have individualized thicknesses of the duvet and in addition, it solves the perennial problem of one person stealing the covers. Can I say different thicknesses? Greater tog ratings translate to some warmer cover. These times the filling of a duvet doesn’t need to be down, but can be most any other fiber that is used for quilting material out of man made to organic substances the variety is really up to the preference of the purchaser. Some will want to avoid down for allergy reasons for instance.

So now you can no longer claim that you don’t understand what a duvet is. This sort of bedding that has been once uniquely European has now made it literally around the globe and it will go by different names. In some areas it’s called a duvet, others as a dyne or doona. It’s been known as a continental quilt and in Pakistan it is even called a Ralli Quilt. No matter the title, for many it charms warmth and comfort!

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